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Resolutely open to the outside world, the alumni association maintains its network throughout the year. Anciens EPITA meets the needs and expectations of former students by developing and maintaining its relationships with various partners in the professional world (recruitment agencies, IT companies and beyond).

Thanks to the experience acquired by the association since its creation, EPITA ALUMNI's objectives are to carry out its missions as effectively as possible each year, building on its existing solid network.

So, while communication remains a predominant part of the EPITA Alumni association's objectives, dialogue with the outside world, and in this case with companies, remains a major priority. The approach we wish to implement lies in forging closer relations between companies and past or future graduates, by establishing a professional dialogue between them.

The story

Founded in 1984, the EPITA school of computer intelligence engineering has always sought to be ahead of its competitors. This is reflected in the very choice of subjects it has taught its students since its inception. The fields it covers remain at the cutting edge of technology used in industry.

It was with the graduation of EPITA's first class, in 1989, that the alumni association was born. Since then, eachgraduating class has joinedEPITA Anciens, contributing to its development and enrichment through the particularities and experiences of each alumnus.

The missions

The fundamental missions of EPITA Anciens since its inception are as follows:

  • To guarantee lasting links between former students.
  • Enable successive graduating classes to develop the school's objectives, thus demonstrating the school's commitment to providing its students with the most comprehensive and relevant education possible.This demonstrates the school's commitment to providing its students with the most comprehensive education possible, and one that is as relevant as possible to current and future industry trends.
  • To offer companies privileged means of communication with alumni of the EPITA school of computer intelligence.
  • Ensure the principle of communication between current and future EPITA students and the job market.


What we do

It is above all through the know-how acquired during their studies that the alumni wish to develop services in the field of communications, accessible to all alumni who so wish, in order to confirm relationships or even develop relationships created during their studies. EPITA ALUMNI's team currently has all the resources required to provide these services.

The means of communication offered by EPITA Alumni are :

  • The directory of alumni of the EPITA school of computer intelligence engineering.
  • Thematic conferences.
  • The monthly EPITA Anciens newsletter for alumni and companies.
  • The school's Board of Directors, with the participation of companies and industrialists from the IT sector.
  • And, of course, the association's website, which hosts discussion forums, among other things.
  • Events designed to bring alumni together to expand their professional network around a themed dinner or fun event.
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The organization

The organization

The association is managed by a Board of Directors. The Board is made up of members with a 3-year renewable mandate, 3 of whom are elected (or re-elected) each year.

Our by-laws

May 31, 2022 version.

The Board of Directors

  • Franck Leleu (1992-TCOM)
  • Christophe Berger (2007-CSI)
  • Hélène Diep (2004-SIGL)
  • Raymond Haddad (2021-SRS) Deputy
General secretary
  • Emma Payan (2021-SCIA)
  • Yossra Antari (2021-SCIA)
  • Lisa Castaignede (2020-SIGL)
  • Laurent Castelao (1993-SR)
  • Arnaud Crouzet (1997-TCOM)
  • Alain El-Khoury (2018-IGITM)
  • Baptiste Fortin (2019-SRS)
  • Jean-Marc Le Roux (2010-MTI)
  • Jérémy Marc (2008-SCIA)
  • Adèle Restif (2014-TCOM)
  • Romain Schloesing (2021-SCIA)

If you too would like to contribute to the EPITA Alumni Association, please contact us.